If you said we'd be taking pictures for a living 10 years ago, we might have looked at you a little funny ...

... fast forward, 10 years, and here we are, photographing people's most amazing moments. You could say it all started with a Craig's List ad, and you'd be right! My sister Erin (the super adorbs one on the left) was studying photography and graphic design at Columbia College in Chicago nearly 10 years ago now, and thought, "Hey! I wonder if I'd like photographing weddings ..." That's where Craig's List comes in. She placed an ad, curious if anyone might be willing to let her photograph their wedding for FREE. She asked her big sis, (that would be me, on the right), if I would be willing to come along. I said, "Of course I would!" I was working at a small newspaper, and had recently purchased a digital camera to take photographs for the stories I was writing. We arrived that day to the cutest little chapel in Michigan to do something we had never done before and the adrenaline was immediately pumping! Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with the joy, happiness, and grace that this first couple showed us. And we wouldn't be where we are now if it weren't for them, and countless others who gave us a chance. 

That's really the short version, but there's so much more to tell! So please give us a HOLLER and we'd love to give you the long version, and get to know your story too!