Jake & Kaylea Engagement {Grand Rapids, Michigan}

True love can not only be seen but it can be felt too. You pick up on a couple's silent talk when you are photographing them. The sweet looks or maybe even the "stop messing around" looks. But you can always tell that look of true and sweet love. And it's a beautiful thing.

I met Jake and Kaylea at Robinettes in Grand Rapids, MI. It was a perfect start for their engagement session because they are very much in to the country life. They even moved north and now have the ideal life they both had hoped for. You can tell in their smiles when they talk about their life, that it was no doubt an awesome decision to ditch the city life. 

After Robinettes, we then headed to Provin Trails just down the street. And let me tell you, that park is a photographer's dream. The colors of the trees mixed with the golden hour sunlight, just makes ya want to jump with joy. Which I am sure I did a few times. Afterward, we went to Wahfield Park just north of Grand Rapids and found the prettiest flower field, and gorgeous tree covered trails. 

Jake and Kaylea were that couple that I knew right away, this session would be a breeze. Not because they are ridiculously gorgeous or even the fact I got to pick out the location and the outfits, but because you could see the chemistry and love between them. True moments of happiness, joy, and sweet love. The moments we love capturing. And the very reason we do what we do. To create beautiful images of beautiful moments. You can pose anyone and you can try and get them to have a good time with each other but the photos tell the story of what is actually happening. We are so thankful for the clients we have and the images we get to produce because of them. <3