Doyle Family | Downtown South Bend

We absolutely adore this family! We photographed them last year and was so excited to find out they were expecting! Abby came up with such adorable ideas for their baby announcement! Olivia was so excited to help and she was pretty ecstatic to become an older sister! Congrats Doyle Family!! 

Kayla {Class of 2017} New Buffalo, Michigan

There are people you just meet that you know have kind souls. Kayla, is one of those people - and her mom too!

We ventured to New Buffalo, Michigan in the fall of last year and lucked out with some beautiful rays of sunshine! Kayla is a sweetheart, so full of life and joy and it was such a wonderful time adventuring around the gorgeous New Buffalo area to capture that.

Congratulations Kayla! You are destined for great things!!

As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.

Madison | Class of 2017 {Downtown Indianapolis}

My gorgeous niece. She's not only a beauty on the outside, but a gorgeous, kind young lady ... who has a heart of gold.

Ventured around Indianapolis with her around Thanksgiving time last year, and had so much fun - and laughed - a lot! :) 

She recently became a licensed cosmetologist, is slaying her academic goals, and she's an incredible athlete - and did I mention she's only a senior in high school?! Yes, she's dreaming big, and she's making those dreams happen! So proud of her and and young woman she has become. Excited to see what the future has in store for her ... this is just the beginning sweet Madison Gabrielle. <3

Knesek Family {Downtown South Bend}

I've had the privilege of photographing this gorgeous family for the past three years now, and goodness, they are just the absolute sweetest! Not to mention, incredibly photogenic and kind!

We ventured around downtown South Bend and at first, it was pouring down rain! But it was a brief downpour, so we were able to walk around town and have some laughs and fun too! Enjoyed all the wonderful moments.

Grateful that photography brings so much joy - but more so, brings wonderful people like this family, and countless others into our lives. We are humbled. And so thankful.

Family Time is the Best Time {Potawatomi Conservatories} South Bend, Indiana

Family sessions are my favorite. Seeing mothers, fathers, daughters, sons spending time together, loving on each other ... filled with joy. It's a beautiful thing.

Met this sweet family in December, the day after Christmas. They were all together for the holiday and it's been quite some time since they have all been together in one place, at the same time!

Upon arrival at the Potawatomi Conservatories, we realized it was closed, but because of the kindness of the staff there, they allowed us to come in and take some photographs! Sincerely, very grateful for them - and for this incredibly wonderful family!

Family time certainly, is the absolute best time. :)