Family Time: What to Wear

The most common question we are asked before a family photo shoot, is what should we wear? We want you to be yourselves, but we understand having a few ideas to get you started can sure go a long way!


While we are definitely NOT fashionistas, (although, we try really, really hard to be stylish) we’ve learned a thing or two about what looks the best and what might need to stay in your closet until your night out on the town.


Once you’ve nailed down your location, you can think about color options for the whole family! If you’re taking pictures outdoors, solid colors are your friend. Using a combination of deep and neutral undertones, set in lush green woods or on sandy beaches will look the best. If you’re indoors, think about your surroundings. Don’t pick colors that clash with colors in the room. Or colors that will blend in. Avoid flashy prints, but also think about accessories! Think of them as accents to what you’re wearing. You can change the feel and look of an image in an instant with adding them, or removing them.


When you’re gearing up for your photo shoot, moms, let’s go ahead and pick out your outfit first! Because we know how it goes. We try on everything in our closets anyway, so pick out something that you’re comfortable in … but also something that feels like YOU. That way you can coordinate everyone else around that! And remember, It's not about matching outfits, it's more about coordinating colors - and sometimes textures!


Avoid the flashy jewelry, but wear pieces that accent what you're wearing. If you're wearing all black - or all white - adding a piece of color, whether it's a necklace, earrings or even a bracelet can bring a nice pop of color to your image.


Remember … comfort is key. You want your images to be timeless, so wear clothing that matches your personalities and who you are. You don’t want to look at these images 10 years down the road and have regrets. You want to look at them and remember the moments and memories you made while taking them … not saying to yourself, “we should have worn this, I shouldn't have worn that”. Think about your shoes too! You probably don't want to wear your 10 year old sneakers that are probably worn and not in the greatest shape! When choosing your outfit, keep your feet in the back of your mind too!


Honestly, I don't think there is a real science to picking that perfect ensemble for your photo shoot – but you can have some fun with it. Just make sure to look in the mirror before you head out the door to catch any wrinkly shirts, buttons missing, or forgotten milk mustaches!


And remember that you don’t have to be perfectly matching to get a great photograph. All you really need is a whole lotta’ love and don’t forget the laughs.