Schleicher Family {Notre Dame University | South Bend, Indiana}

I met the Schleicher family in 2015 when they contacted me about photographing their sweet little family at their home. Little Evelyn just turned 1 and they wanted to document the milestone. We had a great time hanging out at their house with their adorable dog, just letting Evelyn do her thing. 

This past year, they reached out again when Evelyn was just about 2. A whole year had past! I was so excited to see them all again and we met up at Notre Dame and roamed around campus. And to my surprise, Elizabeth was pregnant again, due this month actually! 

Little Evelyn is SUCH a ham. She is so silly and such a sweetheart! She loved watching the ducks, playing in the dirt, examining rocks. It's so great to watch parents just let their kids be kids. Let them have fun and explore. Yes, photos looking at the camera are great, and we all want that. But those photos of a kid just being a kid, to us, are the best. <3