Arizona's Marble Canyon Couple's Session | Joshua & Brittany

I met up with Joshua and Brittany in Page, Arizona when I was visiting earlier this year. They had told me about Marble Canyon about an hour from Page. This area was one of the first places they explored after moving from Florida just a year previous and this magical place is where they discovered their love for the desert and this beautiful state.

These two met 13 years ago. They were both attending a band camp party and after Josh saw Brittany he attempted to throw out every pick up line he could. With no avail, he just gave her his number and crossed his fingers. Weeks later, he gets a text, "Do you have a hammer? I need a hammer." He runs to Walmart, gets a hammer, and heads to her dorm room where he helped her hang up pictures on her wall. Soon after, Josh asked Brittany out using the song “Check Yes or No” by George Strait! How cute is that?

They are now Mr. and Mrs. and spend their time climbing mountains together. Like, that is their past time and it’s pretty freaking amazing and absolutely inspiring. Josh explains it so beautifully (grab a tissue!): “Pushing ourselves to the limit, we often meet our worst selves. In those moments, all that's left is our strengths. Climbing together has allowed us to find how our strengths complement each other's. When we are down and weak, all we have is each other to build ourselves back up. The sport of extreme walking has made our relationship immensely stronger and that's what keeps us coming back. Also, the views are great.” 

Josh and Brittany are truly so kind, genuine, adventurous, and so much fun. They were a little nervous going into the session. It wasn’t their first time in front of the camera, but going into it, it felt like it. Which I think we all can relate too! But they had nothing to worry about because, holy smokes, did they rock it. They let their true selves show and had so much fun together. And as a result, I was able to capture genuine moments of these two amazing humans in love. 

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