A Surprise Proposal {Simonton Lake} Indiana

Back in October, we were contacted by the father of that pretty little lady in red. He wanted to disguise a surprise proposal as a family photo shoot, for Christmas! Well, needless to say, we were definitely up for the big moment!!

After arriving at their beautiful home on Simonton Lake, the stage was set for the grand entrance of the groom-to-be, Alex.

There were some wonderful videographers there as well, to capture the moment on film, so we decided to tell the lovely Gina that they were there to photograph alongside of me, kind of like job shadowing. Gina's dad thought of that perfect idea, and it worked!

So, we started to snap some family portraits. Moving around the lake, laughing, chatting, and of course, having some fun, and that's when Alex, along with his family made their grand entrance. It was a wonderful entrance, and Gina was completely surprised! There were tears, laughs, and beautiful smiles. It certainly was a perfect moment.

Grateful to be there, to celebrate this wonderful day with this incredibly kind, beautiful couple, and their sweet families. Thankful, always so thankful that our paths cross with such amazing people.

Congratulations Alex and Gina!!