Grand Rapids Lifestyle Family Session | Art Prize 2016

Every year my sister and I make an effort to go to Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Art prize is the biggest art competition in the world. Hundreds of artists' work are on display on the streets, restaurants, and even hotels. It's so great walk around the city looking at beautiful work created by artists all over the world.

Emily & I love Art Prize  and we love Grand Rapids. This year, her son Eli & husband, Jason came along. Being that we are both family photographers and usually have a camera in our hands, I thought Art Prize would be a great background for their yearly family photos! 

I just adore these guys. We always have a great time together filled with laughter and ridiculousness.  Eli is the life of the party though. Sure, he can't stay still to save his life, he talks way to loud, makes the weirdest noises, and he has no self awareness whatsoever; but the kid is absolutely hilarious. He is a little light that is bright as can be and the kid is going to move mountains in his lifetime. 

Emily is not only my business partner, but my best friend. She's my biggest fan & my biggest advocate. She's the person that has been there in my darkest moments and the person that has helped me get out of that dark and see the light. If not for Emily, I seriously don't know where I would be. This journey with our business and our sisterhood has been an amazing one and I am so excited for the years to come!