The Buhrman Family {Baby Theo} South Bend, Indiana

There are people we meet that do more than inspire us; they help us see the glass half full, and remind us that every day is a precious gift. This family, their sweet boy ... they are those people, and I am so grateful I got the chance to meet them a few months ago.

Riley Children's Hospital contacted us about photographing the Buhrman's for an upcoming magazine article they would be writing, featuring this beautiful family and their time in the NICU.

Rick and Chelsea's sweet baby boy Theo has been through so much in his very short time on this earth; countless procedures, including abdominal surgery and heart surgery. As a parent, the thought of your child going through anything that would cause them pain and suffering is quite unbearable. Yet there is a quiet strength, the will of a warrior, in parents; you embrace what is before you and you do what is needed to make sure your child is ok.

I'm often inspired by the hope and faith that can be so prevalent in people. And the moment I met the parents of this miracle baby boy, I could see it emanate from them. Despite all they have gone through, their boy has gone through, their joy and love exudes for not only Theo, but for each other. It's the kind of thing that inspires you to forget about the silly, petty things of this life; the things we so often worry about ... to stop chasing better tomorrows and to focus on the moments of the spectacular NOW. Because the truth is, the NOW is really all we have. <3

Grateful to have met such a wonderful family, and I would encourage you to read more of the Buhrman's story on Chelsea's blog. She is an incredible writer and her story of hope, pain, perseverance and strength will inspire you:

For more about the Buhrman Family's story, please watch the slideshow below.