Dave & Amber {Lifestyle Couples} South Bend, Indiana

We love, love. New love. Growing love. And seasoned love. These two … they’ve been married for over a decade, and they couldn’t be more in love … and seriously! They are so darn adorable! And sweet. SUPER SWEET.

We love to document people in their element, doing what they love to do, together!

Taylor + Carrie {Elliston Place} Nashville, TN

Ok, these two. How adorable are they?! :) Not only that, they are incredibly kind, and seriously adore the heck out of each other!

We ventured to some amazing spots near downtown Nashville, with their help, and saw some amazing art on parking garage walls! A great backdrop, we must say, but these two ... well, they stole the show with their sweetness. :) And laughs! GENUINE, wonderful laughs!

So darn grateful for these moments with them, and a huge shout out to the amazing artist, Nathan Brown, who painted all of these amazing murals! Check out more of his work on Instagram. It's brilliant!!!

Mitchell & Ashley {Lucinda's House at Idlewild} Nashville, TN

We met Mitchell and Ashley while traveling to Nashville, Tennessee back in May. We were attending a photography workshop and figured, "Hey, why not try and meet some new people, and photograph them along the way!" So, that's exactly what we did. :)

After finding the PERFECT AirBNB, Lucinda's House at Idlewild, we absolutely had to photograph this very sweet couple there! These two were such sweethearts, filled with so much love and joy for the other. You could tell every chance they they looked at each other that their souls were meant to be united forever. 

It was an absolute joy meeting these two, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to photograph these sweet, genuine moments!!!

Jessica & Tyler {St. Patrick's Park}

We met Jessica & Tyler at the Bread & Chocolate Bridal Show in Goshen, IN a month ago. They were drawn for our engagement session giveaway. We met up at St. Patrick's County Park in South Bend, IN. The sun was out alllll day until about 10 minutes before our session! Luckily the rain held off and we roamed around the park as I captured these two sweet love for each other!

These two are such wonderful and kind human beings! There love for each other was so evident the moment I started snapping! It was a complete joy photographing these two! 

Faisal & Farzana {University of Notre Dame}

I met these two beautiful people last year, after Faisal earned his PhD from the University of Notre Dame! His beautiful wife contacted us to photograph them both on campus, to commemorate their time here. 

It was a beautiful day on campus and this wonderful pair were so lovely! Not to mention, incredibly kind - and brilliant too! :)

A huge congratulations to them both!!