Jeda Parchman {Class of 2017}


I met Jeda back in April. It was a cool, spring day and we ventured to a couple beautiful spots around South Bend to capture the gorgeous young lady she is!

Our first stop was downtown South Bend, and then the gorgeous Tippecanoe Place! They both were a perfect backdrop for this sweet young lady!

Our last stop was probably my favorite! We adventured onto St. Mary's College's campus, where everything was just starting to bloom. Which I guess you could say is symbolic for a young lady beginning her senior year ... new things on the horizon, and it's only just begun. Congratulations Jeda! You are a beauty. Inside and out!

Madison | Class of 2017 {Downtown Indianapolis}

My gorgeous niece. She's not only a beauty on the outside, but a gorgeous, kind young lady ... who has a heart of gold.

Ventured around Indianapolis with her around Thanksgiving time last year, and had so much fun - and laughed - a lot! :) 

She recently became a licensed cosmetologist, is slaying her academic goals, and she's an incredible athlete - and did I mention she's only a senior in high school?! Yes, she's dreaming big, and she's making those dreams happen! So proud of her and and young woman she has become. Excited to see what the future has in store for her ... this is just the beginning sweet Madison Gabrielle. <3