Welcome to the World Sweet Baby Girl Rowan {South Bend, Indiana}

There is so much love in this GORGEOUS family of three!

I've known Lauren, this beautiful momma, for a few years now, and I cannot tell you what a WONDERFUL person she is! Her and her hubby welcomed their sweet, baby girl Rowan last year, and we got to share in some moments together a few months back, in their beautiful home. It was an honor - and a joy to document such wonderful memories with them, and their cutie pie, new addition. :)

(If you'd like to view a video slideshow of their session, click on the PLAY button below!)

Knesek Family {Notre Dame}

Ok, so this family. They are WONDERFUL! And I've had such a wonderful time getting to know all of them over the past 3+ years! We get together at least once a year for some quality time and family photos! And this year, we ventured back to Notre Dame, where we first met when sweet little dude Paxton was just 7 months, and sweet little lady Avalynn was 2! They've grown so much and what a joy it's been to watch them grow up!

The weather was quite the up and down roller coaster, as most fall days are in good ole' South Bend, Indiana! The great thing about the campus of Notre Dame is, you can find little corners and beautiful architecture to hide from the elements, and sometimes, if you're lucky, the sun decides to come out for a brief moment! 

Always love my time with this family!!!

Scott & Jen | Four Winds Field

Scott and Jen were married on a crisp fall day in October. The day started with a torrential downpour and ended with an equally impressive torrential downpour.

Their ceremony was meant to be outdoors, but as the day transpired, there was some certainty that an outdoor wedding just wasn’t going to be possible on this day.

To most couples, this would be devastating, but Scott and Jen, and the rest of their family and friends embraced it all. They embraced the rain. They embraced the changes they had to make for their ceremony. But more so, they embraced every last moment. And despite the gloomy day, nothing could diminish the love that shined so BRIGHT between these two wonderful humans, who managed to find each other in this crazy world.

It was a perfectly, imperfect day, and we were so darn grateful to be a part of it.

Click HERE to check out their wedding day slideshow!

Family Time: What to Wear

The most common question we are asked before a family photo shoot, is what should we wear? We have come up with a few tips so everyone feels comfortable and confident! 

Here are some general guidelines that will help you choose the perfect clothing for your family’s next photo session!

It’s a lot easier to coordinate everyone's outfits once you know what one piece looks like! Try starting with mom or daughter, since women’s clothing tend to have more colors and prints.

Everyone in white shirts and blue jeans are a thing of the past! Everyone does NOT need to match! Choose colors that complement each other: for example; soft colors (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colors (brown, orange, burgundy). 

Once you’ve nailed down your location, you can think about color options for the whole family! If you’re taking pictures outdoors, solid colors are your friend with a few patterns mixed in. Using a combination of deep and neutral undertones, set in lush green woods or on sandy beaches will look the best. If you’re indoors, think about your surroundings. Don’t pick colors that clash with colors in the room. Or colors that will blend in. We also recommend to use more muted colors. No bright red, oranges, blue, etc.

Shoes can make or break your outfit!  If you can’t find shoes you love, consider going barefoot (just bring walking shoes to get from point A to point B). Stay away from athletic shoes and bright white sneakers.

Check your outfits from all possible angles in the mirror, not just the one you like best. Try sitting, squatting, leaning forward, etc. The kids’ clothes should work well in motion so that we can play during your session (think flying, tickling, and hanging upside down). Check clothing for wrinkles, animal hair & stains. 

Quickest way to take your outfits from average to amazing! Think scarves, blazers, cardigans, belts, jewelry, fun socks, and hats.

You don't want your clothing to be too baggy or too tight. Properly fitted clothing will not only make you feel comfortable, but will show your shape. For women, your upper half and lower half should be balanced: for example; blousy shirt + skinny pants, or tight shirt + flowing skirt.

Even if you’re planning to use these images for your holiday cards, steer away from holiday-colored clothing and let your card design incorporate those instead. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your images year-round!

Button-down or structured shirts generally look better in photos. If you have your heart set on a t-shirt, try layering a blazer on top.

These don’t always translate well in-camera.

Most important, comfort is key! 

Russo Family {Notre Dame}

Family time at Notre Dame. :) It's always a blast to spend time with families on the campus of Notre Dame, because not only is it beautiful, but there are so many places to adventure to!

I met the Russo family last spring, and what a beautiful day we had to explore! And can I just say ... what a gorgeous family! This wonderful family of five enjoyed every last minute together, not to mention these two big bros were smitten with their sweet little sis!

Always grateful for the moments we get to share with such amazing people.