Camping Adventures, 2017 {Personal}

Every year, well, mostly every year, our family gets together for a camping adventure, that winds up being cold, rainy and some of the MOST fun we have together! We're kinda' silly. Maybe a little crazy. But we really enjoy our time, and there are always MANY laughs! And they're the good ones. The real deep belly laughs that drown out all the outside woes, at least for a few days. :)

We typically camp at Pokagon State Park, in Angola, Indiana, on Halloween weekend. The campground hosts many fun events for kids - and adults, including trick-or-treating through the campsites! The kiddos - and our sister's husband - dressed up for the festivities, and we enjoyed meeting new folks along the way! (make sure you check out those costumes below! ;) They're good ones!!) Not to mention, the fall colors were absolutely perfect this year!

We are always so grateful for these days, as they don't happen as often as we'd like. But despite the weather, and the distance that sometimes separates us, the adventure always keeps calling us back together, and these new moments sustain us, when we must part ways, until we all are able to meet again.